Dinedor Historic Hill Fort

Dinedor Iron Age Hill Fort is an important national archaeological site, an ancient hill-fort and Roman encampment where excavations have thrown up Iron Age artifact’s and Roman pottery. The fort covers approximately ten acres, and rises 400 feet above the surrounding countryside.  It is quite separate from the other hills surrounding the city of Hereford and can be seen quite clearly whichever way you approach it. The area is a great place to spot birds of prey, woodpeckers, Jays and owls, but in the spring and summer mornings it's the medley of energetic birdsong, blackbirds, thrushes, robins and tits and other that “steal the show”. The beech trees are most impressive and a tree surgeon dates them at about 300 years. The views from all sides are fantastic, with a spectacular view over the city Hereford


Ancient Woodland

A Woodland that has existed since 1600AD Ancient woods were valuable properties for their owners, as a source of wood fuel, timber and forage for pigs. In England, Hazel was particularly important for coppicing, the branches being used for wattle and daub in buildings, for example. The ancient woodland adjacent to the centre could have provided the timber for the dwellings around the hill and on the hill fort. In the spring time the floor is an ocean of bluebells and other ancient flowers. There are many, Chestnut, Oak and Beech trees that are home to many squirrels, birds and other wild life. A great place for den building and learning about coppicing and other wood related activities.


Lawn Games / Viewing Platform / Tyre Swing

Our large storage shed is jam-packed with outdoor games and sports equipment - from full-size goal posts to giant Connect 4 to a play parachute. We can't guarantee what you will find, but your group is sure to find something to amuse them.

Wooden viewing platform from which to enjoy panoramic views over Hereford and Tyre

Every child's favourite, a tyre on the end of a rope!