Dinedor is a non-profit organisation, we attempt and strive to remain an affordable, educative and vibrant centre, available for hire to any youth group in Herefordshire and beyond. Herefordshire Outdoor Trust and Dinedor Outdoor Centre are ideally placed, to providing an exceptional outdoor/offsite educational experience.

The centre is just 4 miles from the City centre, surrounded by open farmland, Camp Wood and adjacent to the Historical monument Oyster Hill which has a history of its own; It started its life as an Iron Age Hill Fort and was later occupied by the Romans from where the name Oyster Hill comes. Recent history tells us that it was well used at the turn of this century, with many folk from the city visiting the fort and the camp tearooms. We can learn a lot from Iron Age life, which relied heavily on their closeness with the earth and nature and is particularly relevant to the education and use of the centre. Iron Age folk really were in harmony with their environment. Nothing was ever wasted. In today’s ‘throw away’, materialistic society, it is even more important for everyone to develop an awareness of their surroundings and what impact they have had on the landscape, the resources and nature and how they can influence and change their impact in the future.

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